Aviation And Motorsports Attractions In Charlotte, NC

Aviation And Motorsports Attractions In Charlotte, NC

Transportation enthusiasts will enjoy their visit to Charlotte, with an abundance of museums dedicated to aviation and motorsports.

NASCAR Hall of Fame

The NASCAR Hall of Fame should be the first stop for NASCAR fans, where you can check out historic race cars like a 1967 Chevelle, a 1952 Hudson Hornet, or the 2008 Chevy Impala SS that once belonged to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

There’a also a banked ramp, simulating a racetrack, the Hall of Honor with all its inductees, and a 64-foot movie screen with surround sound.

Carolinas Aviation Museum

If you’re a fan of aviation history, you’ll love the Carolinas Aviation Museum, where you can learn about the history, evolution, and technology of flight. There are a variety of airplanes on display, including a Wright flyer replica, a Grumman F-14D Super Tomcat, and a Sopwith Camel biplane. There are also other aircraft displays, such as a CH-46D Sea Knight helicopter from the Vietnam era and aQH-50 DASH copter.

There are also tours available, if weather permits, where you can check out planes on the tarmac, like the 1999 Airbus plane that became famous as US Airways Flight 1549, which struck a flock of Canadian geese, which damaged both engines. The plane was able to land on the Hudson river, and miraculously all the passengers survived.


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